Septimal Mind

Inventing Productivity

Software Development Consulting

We are Engineers

We are a small team of experienced Software Engineers with strong Computer Science and Mathematical background,

We come from search engines, universities and major software development companies,

We aim for Productivity and Simplicity,

We are not afraid to innovate and break new ground,

We contribute to Open Source, we strive to make development and integration better for everyone,

We are Language Agnostic, we use a fusion of Functional Programming and other paradigms and approaches,

Moreover, we invent new paradigms,

We are based in Ireland and we provide consulting services to clients all over the world.

We Solve Problems

Scalable and Secure Applications

We know how to scale. We know the theory. We use Commit Logs and CRDTs. We use first-class solutions, Kafka and Cassandra among other good tech. We know the math, we make applications that are secure by design.

Orchestration and Homeostasis

To fight the complexity of continuous processes requiring Dynamic Planning, we've invented a unique computational model and a virtual machine to support it.

SDLC, Development and Delivery

We know how to deliver and how to deliver better. We use proper methodologies. We automate. We create declarative reproducible builds. We use proper VCS Flows and can teach your team how to do that. We are Agile. And it's not a cargo cult.

Integration and infrastructure

We know how to build and maintain multi-site infrastructure. Our founders are the people responsible for the world's biggest datacenters and networks. We virtualize. We automate.

We are not satisfied with the tools we have.
That's why we make better tools.

We're Hiring

We are looking for True Engineers, those that aren't happy to settle for mediocrity,

Are you a Functional Programming geek or a Machine Learning genius? Do you know how to make The World better through solving The Problems smarter? Are you familiar with Scala, Nim, F# or any other advanced thing? Join us,

At the moment we offer full-time and part-time remote positions. We prefer to hire Irish engineers, so that we can catch-up from time to time, but we're happy to consider candidates from other countries.

  • Senior Functional Programming Engineer

    You will be a part of our team, building scalable, distributed, high-load applications and applying our unique approaches, methodologies and tools to solve our clients' problems. Full-time position.


  • Technical Writer

    You will help us document our products using tools such as AsciiDoctor, DocBook and Sphinx. Part-time posiiton.